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Dear old Ab'- lene High
Grand old Ab'- lene High
Champion school of allll the weesssst!
Loyal just to yoooou;
We're faithful and true bluuue;
We always will uphold you!
School of EAGLE fame;
Wiiiinnnners of the game
Fight right on to viiiic-tor-rrrrry!
Fight right to the end
And when you've won it, then

Note: Earlyne Gayle SIVLEY BROWNE wrote the words to our school song "Dear Old Abilene High" in 1930 before she graduated from Abilene High.  Music by, H. Pitman CLARKE who was a noted composer of that day.  It was published about 1935.

Mascot: Golden Eagle 

The Golden Eagle is one of the largest, fastest, nimblest raptors in North America. Lustrous gold feathers gleam on the back of its dark head and neck; a powerful beak and talons advertise its hunting prowess. You're most likely to see this eagle in western North America, soaring on steady wings or diving in pursuit of the jackrabbits and other small mammals that are its main prey. Sometimes seen attacking large mammals, or fighting off coyotes or bears in defense of its prey and young, the Golden Eagle has long inspired both reverence and fear.  The Golden Eagle was regarded with great mystic reverence in some ancient, tribal cultures.

Does this leave any doubt about AHS school colors or how the nickname, "Warbirds" was derived?


The Team of the Century - Nobody does it better!

You Could be from Abilene If: Some funny Classmate quips based on growing up in Abilene and West Texas from the Abilene High School email list of about 12 years ago.

Coach Wally Bullington Interview 1960  In depth!

P.E. "Pete" Shotwell

Pete's 1923 Abilene Eagles team won all of its 12 games as well as the state championship in one of the strongest defense performances ever, allowing only one touchdown by an opponent during the whole season.  He came back to Abilene in the early 1950's as head coach before Chuck Moser.

Click here to see the 1951 McMurry War Whoop with a mention of Pete and the other AHS coaches in 1951.


AHS Senior Girls Tea Party 1961

Dana Rogers attended AHS 1959/1960. Graduated Paschal High, Ft. Worth 


 She was in the San Francisco Ballet Company for a number of years.  Dana had at least two things in common with   Farrah Fawcett

Classmates Burns and Glover wed in Abilene on 21 Dec 1963

Rod Phelps Wedding Announcement 3 May 1963

    Purchased from Dahlgren Cushman, Abilene 1955 and 1957                                                               

South Jr. High "Coyote Howl" Who's Who Edition April 1958

Jena Jay, Susan Bell, Eddie Baldwin, Crystal Ragsdale, Linda Simmons, Cliff Sims, Bob Cluck, Jean Hill,  Holly Purcell, Mike Boren, Russ Adams, Pat Wright, Pat Bradshaw, Ralph Arrell, Mike Wayman Grant, Nancy Shoemaker, Alice Fisher, Johnny Gerhart, Jim McDonald, Carolyn Featherson, Jackie Harrison and Dub Galbraith.

1958 Eagles vs. Waco High Football Program

Thanks to Suzanne Barton via John Odam

Melinda Mead always ate this while listening to "The Exciting Adventures of Ace Williams" on KRBC radio 


Spencer Taylor & Gayle Wedding Announcement 13 Nov 1965


Spencer is a graduate again 1966


What do Clarie Adamson, Glenda Arnold, Truett Austin, Ginger Baber,  Eddie Baldwin, Mike Bennett, Harry Bistrizky, Judy Burns, Ron Butler, Terry Butler, Carl Collum. Ray Crumpler, Peggy Darby, Donna Day, Loyd Deen, Beth Durham, Martha Dusek, Jerry Fitzhugh, Alice Fisher, Wayde Frey, Carolyn Gillis, Sandra Hale, Teri Hale, Don Hammond, Gayle Hart, Ronny Harder, Jack Harrison, Joe Honeycutt, Joe Humphrey, Jerry Ivey, Sharon Johnson, Margaret Kerr, John William "Bill" LeBus,  Karen Lusby, Donna McClatchey, Gayle McDaniel, John Marshall, Janice Martin, Steve Mills, Lana Mims, Holley Purcell, Bob Pyland, Mike Richardson, Gene Rister, Jerry Roberts, Sue Roberts, Gloria Rutherford, Kay Savage, L.B. Showalter, Alton Staggs, Jon Standefer, Nancy Thompson, Dale Thorp, Jo Ann Tomlinson, Phyllis von der Hoff, Carl Vest, Doug Watkins, Johnny Watts, David Webb, Johnnie Whitaker, Pat White, Edna Kay Whittle, David Young, Richard Young and Ronny Young have in common? Not counting AHS'61.





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