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Blogs and Projects:


1. John Odam - Blog; a little dated but worth the read.

AHS 20th Reunion Reflections by John Odam - Great summary of the wonderful event!

2. Mike Grant - Blog; 500+ of Mike's blogs from 2005 to 2013 - worth the read.  Unfortunately, we lost our noted news reporter and author on 22 Jul 2019 in San Diego, CA.

3. Lt. General Leroy SISCO, Retired's Military Warriors Support Foundation, which helps our Wounded Heroes with homes, jobs, activities and scholarships.

Update - March 26, 2018 - Leroy writes:  "I have had many of you ask me about My Foundation and wanted some info on what we do. We were in DC at the WH screening a new movie about Heroes “No Greater Love” and got back Saturday then I left Sunday to go to Orlando to give a home away with Darius Rucker last night.  It really went well…  We had fun.  Here are some home give aways with George Strait, video on Mike Huckabee’s new show and a Hero gets a surprise home on our TV Show Texas Trophy Hunters Assn. “Trophy Hunter TV” on the Outdoor Channel.  Look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday April 7th, 2018

To date we have given away 816 homes or about $214,000,000 worth to Wounded Heroes and their families. "

Services Provided by our Programs

Homes4WoundedHeroes & Homes4GoldStars awards mortgage-free homes to combat wounded heroes injured while in service to our country & an unmarried Gold Star Spouse of a veteran who was Killed-In-Action or killed during combat training. In addition to the home, the recipient will receive 3 years of family and financial mentoring. Click here for More Information

Apartments4Heroes awards a payment-free 1 year lease, in an apartment complex. In addition to the apartment, the recipient will receive 1 year of family and financial mentoring. Click here for More Information

Transportation4Heroes awards payment-free vehicles to combat wounded heroes injured while in service to our country & Gold Star spouses who’s loved one made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. In addition to the vehicle, the recipient will receive 1 year of family and financial mentoring. Click here for More Information

Skills4Life provides recreational outings and peer-to-peer mentorship with hunting, fishing and golfing adventures. Click here for More Information

Leadership4Life program provides a 2-year program to help veterans transition the skills they acquired in the military into the leadership skills for the civilian workforce.
Click here for More Information


Hallmark Channel Leroy along with Clay Walker.

Here is one with George Strait in front of 76,000 fans.  It was special...

This is a clip of Leroy on the Mike Huckabee show when a Hero is surprised!

More video links:

Home give away with George Strait at Cowboy Stadium in front of 106,000 fans.

George Strait home give away in SA

George Strait home give away in Atlanta

George Strait in Kansas City


Gov. Mike Huckabee new show      


password: HERO 


4. Logan's Blog

At least one person's favorite.     

Crass Commercial Ventures:



1. Terry Butler's -The Residence Hotel - Aspen, CO

If you're ever staying in Aspen, give Terry's Boutique Aspen Hotel a call.

Also, give the Hotel a "Like" on Facebook.

2. Logan - Alamo Group Inc. (NYSE: ALG) Need a Bushhog, Rhino or other Ag, construction or street vacuum equipment - I built Alamo Group from less than 5 million $ sales to an international company, traded on the NYSE, in less than 25 years. Now a billion $ company - which I still have stock in.

               DN Equipment, LLC - Post early retirement venture.  Need parts for your Ag equipment?  We've got them at DN. 

Any farmers left out there? New Farm Equipment Replacement Parts Division Website. Many quality, value priced replacement parts for Planting, Cultivation and Harvesting equipment.

3.  John Odam - Attorney/Mediator                   

                                                                                                 Looking for a mediator? Beyond these doors lie peace and resolution.

                                          To schedule a mediation, please call 713.562.2837 or email  Johnwodam@gmail.com

4. Carol Ann Johnson Strickland - Austin Real Estate

In February 2014, once again, for the third year, Carol Ann has been awarded the "Texas Monthly Five Star Professional Award For Real Estate."  Good job Carol Ann!   

5. Nell Anne WALTER HUNT - DFW Real Estate

DFW area real estate - Nell Anne will hunt until she finds it for you. 

6. Russell Adams - Artist            

  Russell Bob does such a great Job!    


7. Stephen Dubov - Sculpture & Mixed Media - Austin   

 Stephen has been to Hell and Back but that has not diminished his talent and he is still an active artist in Austin. 

8. Janie Martin Brock - Brock Haus B&B

Enjoy the ambiance of staying in a unique, historic, Alsatian cottage nestled on the beautiful Medina River in the heart of the Castroville Historic District. This home was built in 1873 and is cozily furnished with antiques. It consists of a living room, bedroom (with one double bed), dining room, fully equipped kitchen (stove, refrigerator, and microwave) and bath with tub/shower. This home accommodates one couple or a single. A quiet, peaceful retreat from the hectic city life. Adults only. No smoking or pets.

Contact Info: Janie Martin Brock (AHS '61) 1219 Alamo Street Castroville, TX 78009 Tel : 830-931-9221 E-mail : jny63brock@sbcglobal.net

9. Eddie Krieger - Dry Creek Pottery

Get some while they're hot!

10. Sunny Courington Stephens - Cook Books +   

Sunny knows her "A. B. C. Cookery" and when is comes to Authentic South Texas Cuisine, ¡Que Bueno! Unfortunately, we lost our noted educator Dr. Sunny Ph.D. on 19 Jun 2019.  However, I have found her cookbooks on eBay.com.

11.  Under construction so, check back in.

12. Ron "Jack" Sprouse -aka Jack Dallas.  Jack's blog is dedicated to his writings, one of which, "CLARE" is available for purchase in digital and paperback. Click on link to left: Click on links above book thumbnail.