The Flashlight

Dedicated to all those who shined so brightly in the hallways of Abilene High from 1958 to 1961


       1959                1960                      1961

The Flashlight & The Battery History

The Flashlight has served as the memory book for Abilene High School students for over 94 years. Originally the book was called a memory book and functioned without a name for almost a dozen years.

The Abilene High school newspaper began in 1926 as the Morning Glory.  In its early days, it was printed as a part of the Abilene Reporter News Paper each month.

A group of student leaders decided the newspaper and the yearbook needed new names so, they set about researching new inventions from a World's Fair. The students decided to change the name of the yearbook to the Flashlight so the "the truth and honor of all who entered the hallowed halls of Abilene High would shine forth for all the world to see." They chose the name, The Battery, for the newspaper since it took batteries to make the flashlight work! It was at that time, the newspaper began to publish separately from the local paper.


Flashlights plus assorted other Yearbooks containing '61 Eagles.


1959 Flashlight (all), 1960 Flashlight (all) and 1961 Flashlight (Seniors)

Flashlight Sophomores 1959 (all)

Flashlight Juniors 1960 (all)


McMurry Totem Yearbook 1962 - Freshmen  (all)

McMurry Totem Yearbook 1963 - Sophomores  (all)    

McMurry Totem Yearbook 1964 - Juniors  (all)


Abilene Christian Prickly Pear Yearbook 1962 - Freshmen (all)

Abilene Christian Prickly Pear Yearbook 1965


Hardin-Simmons Bronco Yearbook 1963 - Sophomores (all)      

Hardin-Simmons Bronco Yearbook 1964 - Juniors (all)



UT-Austin Cactus Yearbook 1962/3/4/5                                             UT Cactus



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